Care Tips

Tips and Tricks

Keep stems freshly cut and clean,
To keep them lovely when they are seen.

Don’t keep them too warm or in too much heat,
Or they may look like they have admitted defeat.

Change the water on a daily basis,
To ensure they keep putting smiles on people’s faces.

Remove dead leaves and any dead petals,
Ensure the water is half way when it settles.

If you manage this you’ll have a great chance,
At keeping them beautiful with a long-lasting stance.


Care Tips for Candle Arrangements

Candle arrangements contains greenery and other flamable accents, therefore the candle is for decorative purposes only and is lit at your own risk.

Should you decide to light the candle please monitor closely and do not leave unattended.

Place the arrangement in a cool, clear area on a flat surface.

Please keep away from children.

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